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Vana Prastha Old Age Home

1. Persons who have none to look after in their old age or those who desire to live separately from the care of their children or relatives are eligible and preferable to stay in Vana Prastha
2. The age of the applicant shall not be less than 60 years, at the time of admission; applicants shall produce necessary proof supported by an affidavit in the prescribed form duly attested by the Notary Public or Mandal Revenue Officer.

3. Selected candidates for admission into Vana Prastha shall be free from all personnel Liabilities towards any of their friends and relatives.

4.It is advisable for the applicant to make written will with regard to his or her Movable or Immovable assets/properties left at home or any other place or brought along with him or her to Vana Prastha .In case they desire voluntarily to donate or make settlement in favour of Vaana Prastha shall be included in the will.

5. Standard of living and facilities will be common for all inmates.

6.It is expected that persons admitted will live in Vana Prastha life long.

7. All inmates are expected to take part in all activities of Vana Prastha and help the management in the smooth running of the organization. None of the inmates shall be involved in any political activity what so ever.

8. None of the inmates shall leave the premises of the Vana Prastha without informing the Officer - In –charge. Before going out they shall make entry regarding the time and purpose of their leaving the premises. Similarly entry shall be made in the said register on returning to Vana Prastha.

9. Friends and relatives including children or grandchildren of the inmates will not be allowed to stay with the inmates in Vana Prastha. However they may be permitted to call on inmates during prescribed hours.

10. However, when the inmates fall sick and it is felt necessary by the management, inmates shall be allowed to take the help of their relatives or friends (not exceeding one person at a time) for specified period to stay and nurse the inmates. In such circumstances, the guest shall be staying at their own cost of food only. The management reserves the right to ask the guest to vacate at their discretion.

11. Inmates shall lodge their complaints with the officer in charge and they shall not attempt to take the law to their own hands for seeking remedy for their grievances.

12. Inmates shall not keep any valuables without the permission of the management. However, management shall not take any responsibility for loss of such valuables even if kept with the permission of the management.

13. Necessary watch and ward will be arranged for general supervision of the premises.

14. The advice of the attending doctors shall be strictly followed by the inmates in respect of their diet movements.

15. On admission, a thorough examination of all vital organs of the inmates shall be made and a book of every inmate will be maintained with the history of different sickness in the past and nature of treatment undergone. Each of the inmates shall provide the management a report from the physician attending or has attended on him giving all particulars regarding health, personnel habits and allergy to drug or particular food or clothing etc. The report shall also give information regarding different kinds of inoculations like BCG, small pox vaccine for cold, ATS, TA, VC, Hepatitis B and other vaccines taken in the past by the inmates.

16. Inmates shall not be allowed to take liquor or any kind of intoxicating or narcotics drugs. Inmates will not be allowed to smoke inside the premises.

17. Only vegetarian meals will be provided to the inmates from the common kitchen. Menu will be decided by the management keeping in view of the general health of the inmates.

18. All the inmates shall observe punctuality, discipline and their best to live peacefully and maintain tranquility.

19. None of the inmates shall cause inconvenience to the co-inmates by playing at high pitch the Radios, Transistors, and Television etc.Gambling of any kind will be strictly prohibited.

20. After admission, and after a lapse of time, if an inmate decides to leave the Vana Prastha, he or she is at liberty to do so. But in such circumstances, the donation or money if any given to Vana Prastha shall not be refunded. He or she shall not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever.

21.The monthly maintenance charges shall be fixed by the management from time to time based on the market price conditions. The inmates who are liable to pay such charges shall pay the charges as prescribed without fail.

22. Such members shall keep an amount equivalent to Six months maintenance charges with the management as caution deposit. Monthly maintenance charges are to be paid on or before 10th of every succeeding month. Non payment of dues beyond three months will make the inmates liable for discharge from Vana Prastha.

23.In the event of death of any inmate the message will be sent to the nominated persons at the earliest. However, the body shall not be kept beyond24 hours from the time of death. Body shall be cremated at the nearby Burial or Cremation ground. No rituals shall be allowed to be performed.

24. None of the inmates shall contravene the above rules and regulations. Management reserves the right to ask the inmates to vacate the Vana Prastha on the basis of report of the inmates/Management Committee.